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12 Tips on How to Be a More Eco-Conscious Traveler

Updated: Jan 2, 2022

Hi! Miss me? I’ve been a little MIA as I have been focused on spending the last half of the year being more present in the moment, taking a break from screen time, spending quality time with loved ones, and doing lots of traveling (trying to make up for some lost time!).

Traveling is one of life’s joys, but it can make practicing sustainable habits a challenge. ⁣

I want to share tips that I practice while on travel, with a focus on being a more mindful, eco-conscious traveler! Here are some tips to keep in mind for your next trip:

1. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to refill wherever you go!

2. Bring reusable shopping/grocery bags along with you for use when shopping.

3. Eat at local restaurants and support local shops. This includes going to the farmers market instead of the grocery store to eat locally-sourced food, where possible.

4. If possible, avoid flights and opt to take a train, bus, or boat. If flying is the only option, try to get a direct flight and avoid any layovers.

5. Opt to walk or bike around your destination versus renting a car or taking a taxi.

6. Visit parks and protected areas, but stay on the marked trails. It is also best to avoid walking on trails and protected areas while they are saturated with rain, in order to limit disruption to soil that causes erosion.

7. Ask your hotel to wait to change your towels and sheets until after you’re gone to save water. Do so by hanging up your towels (universal sign that they don’t need to be washed and can be reused) and leave the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the hotel door to reduce unnecessary washing of linen and cleaning.

8. Skip the souvenirs! Try to avoid emotional buys and only buy things you truly need or will cherish to remember your trip.

9. Turn off the lights, TV, and any other electronics when you head out to explore for the day! This also includes turning down the AC and setting the thermostat a few degrees higher if you’re in a hotter climate, or turning down the heat and setting the thermostat a few degrees lower if you’re in a cooler climate.

10. Pack lightly - every pound counts when flying. The more a plane weighs, the more carbon emissions it produces.

11. If traveling by plane, opt to use your own headphones and fill up your reusable water bottle before the flight to avoid the single-use headphones and single-use plastic cups given out by the airline.

12. Bring your own toiletries in refillable bottles to avoid using the single-use plastic toiletries given out by hotels to save on waste.

Safe travels!



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