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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Week

Happy Earth Week! This year’s Earth Day (Thursday, April 22nd) marks 51 years since its first celebration in 1970. Here are five ways to celebrate Earth Week (and the other 51 weeks of the year):

1. Eat More Plant-Based: At this point, most of us should be familiar with the idea that eating less meat is a key way to reduce our individual carbon footprints. Have fun with it and try new plant-based recipes! Start out with one meal a day and work your way into it.

2. Spend Less Time Streaming: Collectively, our streaming requires an enormous amount of electricity, which generates a lot of CO2 and associated greenhouse gases. In an attempt to curb these emissions, we can spend less time streaming and instead spend more time reading, exercising and getting outside, cooking, creating art or music, playing with our pets, spending time with family and friends, etc.

3. Get Outside: Get outside in nature and take time to appreciate Momma Earth! Whether that be going for a walk or simply just taking a second to sit in the sunshine.

4. Become More Informed and Educated: The more informed we are, the more conscious we are of how our own actions impact our planet. Do more research. Take online courses. Watch documentaries highlighting environmental topics or climate change.

  • FutureLearn is a great online tool that offers a host of environmental courses.

  • Watch the following documentaries:

    • The True Cost, David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet, Seaspiracy, Chasing Coral, Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret, and Kiss the Ground on Netflix

    • Before the Flood on Disney+

    • An Inconvenient Truth on Amazon Prime

    • Ice on Fire on HBO Max

5. Get Involved in Climate Action: Join a local climate group that is working to create change in your community! Here are a few to start with:

Most importantly, repeat these actions the other 51 weeks of the year!



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